Recycling is important for the environment. It is one of those aspects of waste management that we simply cannot do without if we are to properly protect and care for our towns, cities, and planet at large. Traditionally, waste is collected and disposed of in large plastic garbage bags. This is true even for recycled waste. In the case of the latter (recycled waste), plastic bags are doing more harm than good. However, opting to encourage the discontinued use of plastic bags for collecting recycled waste, the city of Dallas is paying a high monetary price.

Currently, recycling centers in Dallas are struggling with its recycling efforts on account of plastic bags that are clogging the sorting machines at recycling centers. Under normal circumstances, Dallas’s “single stream” recycling system where all recyclables are collected together (paper, plastic, and metals alike) and then sorted as they are processed by the sorting machinery at the recycling center.

Using the current system, having bags come down the line is problematic for several reasons. For starters, when bags come down the assembly line, there is no way to tell what the contents are. As such, bags may contain items that should not be a part of the recycling process (contaminants). On top of containing potential contaminants (including needles that are highly hazardous to employees), plastic bags themselves get into the machinery’s sorting disks creating all sorts of problems that lead to the inefficient sorting of the recyclable material.

In an effort to stimy these problems, there is a drive all across Dallas to promote bag-less recycling. Dallas residents are told in no uncertain terms to stop using garbage bags to collect the recyclable items and then dumping them in the blue recycle bins. This has not had the desired effect, however. The effect has been a reduction in the volume of recycling the city is able to benefit from. Many residents have, unfortunately, simply decided to opt out of the process.

How Dallas Companies Can Maintain Recycling Efforts

The last thing one would want is to have recycling effort pushed back by Dallas residents failing to do their part on account of being told not to use these bags anymore as is the case in Dallas. As such, it helps to put other measures in place that can help facilitate a more efficient recycling system. Such measures include the following two-fold approach:

Step 1. Creating awareness instead of issuing dictates

Instead of simply telling the residents of Dallas not to recycle in the way they always have (using bags), a better approach is to use a more inclusive tone that creates awareness of why plastic bags are problematic. Local Dallas dumpster rental companies like Jux2 Dumpster Rental in Dallas and Dallas Dumpster Rental Pros can be very useful in this public awareness campaign for residents. This campaign can help to make residents less resistant to change while step two will give them the support they need.

Step 2. Use a multi-stream recycling system where recyclables are collected separately

A practical way of supporting the awareness campaign mentioned in step one is to start the sorting process from the get go. In other words, Dallas dumpsters can provide specially marked bins that help persons separate their garbage at various points across the city (public parks and the end of neighborhood streets in communities), for example. This way, there is no risk of having the bags destroy sorting disks and make recycling machines less effective than they need to be. This is as the garbage would have already been properly sorted. By giving Dallas residents options, they are less likely to opt out of the recycling process completely and more likely to simply adopt this new approach over time. Sorting recycles is something that even children can participate in, making it a fun family experience.

How Plastic Bags Are Destroying Dallas Recycling Centers

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